Salkehatchie Camps

salkSalkehatchie– Salkehatchie Summer Service is a pioneering servant ministry at selected sites in South Carolina involving high school and college age youth, adult community leaders and persons of different cultures in upgrading housing, motivating community cooperative efforts by helping persons to help themselves, and providing all participants with opportunities for personal growth and service.


Clover– The Clover Salkehatchie camp is usually held the second to last week of July. This camp is run by church member Evelyn Cameron. Adults from Clover are welcome to attend but students in the Clover School District will need to attend a different camp.


Bishopville– Is a camp of about 75-85 that works on Substandard Housing in Lee County and reflects on “Hand’s On” Christian Discipleship, Love and Outreach.  Former Sr. Pastor, Rev. Wilkes is the camp director and enjoys the company of youth and adults to come and experience this time of growth, service, fun and reflection.  We stay at Lee Central High School in Bishopville and work on 5-8 homes each summer.  Dates for 2019 are June 22nd – 29th.


Shaw/Dalzell– The Shaw/Dalzell camp is another camp that is frequently attended by many of our youth. This is usually the last camp of the year held during the last week of July. Church member Jeanette Stabler heads up bringing a group down there each year.

13482795_10153857342956859_7082950250338996993_oLancaster– This camp is frequented by church members Eddie Sherwood and a few other members. The closer proximity to Clover makes it a great choice for some who need to remain close to home. This is one of the earliest camps often held the second week                                            of June.