Adult Sunday School Classes
Harmony Bible Class
With a strong focus on missions, four teachers lead this ladies class using the International Lesson Series curriculum.  The lessons are primarily lecture-based with a little discussion.  The Harmony Bible classroom is located in room 205.
Herbert Stewart Bible Class

Two teachers share the responsibility for leading this men’s class using the International Lesson Series curriculum.  The Herbert Stewart Bible Class is located in room 208.

New Beginnings
Started in 2008, members vary in age and length of relationship to the church.  They are a non-traditional group exploring Christ through modern teachings and learning how to involve the Holy Spirit in their daily lives.  The curriculum is decided upon by the group.  Every interested member is given the opportunity to lead the class which includes group discussion of the selected section.  The New Beginnings Class is located in room 207.
Open Door Class
The Open Door Sunday School class originated in the 1990’s as a discussion group centered on the study of the Bible.  The class merged with the Ladies’ Bible class in the late 1990’s.  it continues to study the Bible through the International lesson or other resources that relate Biblical concepts to current events.  Five teachers share the responsibility of leading this class.  The Open Door classroom is located in room 212.
Roper Class
The Roper Sunday School Class is named for Dr. J.C. Roper, the minister from 1946-1952 and was originally a class for young married couples.  It has grown into a class of singles and couples, varied in age.  The class uses the International Lessons curriculum as a foundation for building a bridge between the Bible and everyday lives.  The Roper classroom is located in the Killian Memorial Library, room 206.
Seekers Class
 Formed in 1996 as the “Christian Life Discussion Class,” the Seekers class format is open discussion where all members are encouraged to participate if they so desire.  Members vary in age and length of relationship to the church.  There is one teacher for this group with substitutes when necessary.  Curriculum used varies depending on the needs of the class.  The Seekers class is located in room 200.
Steve Camp Memorial Class
Six teachers take the responsibility of teaching this class comprised of singles and couples.  While the teaching styles may vary, the format, however, always allows for much discussion.  In an effort to provide a varied diet of literature, this class tends to move away from the “International Lesson” curriculum, except for occasional quarters when they adopt a particular series.  The Steve Camp Memorial class is named for a young man in the church who gave his life in the Vietnam War.  They meet in room 104.
Wesley Class
 The Wesley Class was organized in 1954 as the first class for young adults.  Although no longer as young as they once were, they continue to enjoy welcoming new members.  The lesson literature varies, using Bible teachings from some current writers used in lecture format with class members joining in.  Four teachers take turns teaching.  The Wesley Classroom is located in room 105.
Young Adult Class
The Young Adult Class was founded in the fall of 2011 to meet the need for a Sunday School option for people roughly in the 21-35 age bracket. However, everyone is welcome to attend.  The class is taught in discussion format and utilizes various books as the curriculum.
Young at Heart Class
Using a variety of resources, one teacher encourages free and open discussion of new and old ideas.  The teacher relates the Bible teachings of the past to current events.  The class focuses on how God’s Word is used to guide daily lives.  The Young at Heart classroom is located in room 203.